Long Gone

When I started this blog, in 2019 I didn’t know where I was heading, I didn’t have goals or a future plan. Time was just passing by, surviving the day and hoping…hoping that magically everything was going to get better and that I will become something. 

This is how my life was, until a month ago or so, I started realizing that what I was afraid of was happening. I realized that I have become an adult a long time ago but I was behaving like a teenager, where I was wasting my time, and the excuse of my mental health worked for a while, maybe too much time, but I started wondering, Am I going to spend my life just waiting to die? Am I going to only wait, without actually doing something for me? 

Back on track

Yet, I can’t say I am all into the future, or that I have a super clear plan, because if 2020 teach of to of all us, is that plans, goals and dreams change and even so, we still have hopes and plans, well is the first time and years where I started to have goals, and I start thinking of a future where living with depression and anxiety could be possible…

Maybe I am just cutting the bushes here for what I have to say and basically I am just saying that I am starting with my blog. Everything will change from now on. I am back on track with this project, I am back on track with what I want to say… is not anymore about pretending to be a good reviewer or the best writer, actually this blog is going to be about me, experiences, life, and of course writing, after all I am one.

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