Steps Behind

She was fighting a battle everyday, from dawn to night, recycling dreams of people who trash them because a new one has become easier and better for them. It was like hunting the most precious treasure, but life kept moving on and she was left behind without knowing dreaming time was over and reality hit her like a cattle stampede. The years passed by and she didn’t even know her dream anymore, she didn’t know where she belong and the imaginary battle was over, because What was she fighting for? So far she couldn’t even reach any recycle dream and she realize she became what she ever was: nobody…

Welcome :)

Hello reader and writer! 🙂

This is Natalia, and I won´t say much about me, just that I love writing and reading. I hope you enjoy the blog, the experiences and the love I´m planning on placing through my words.

Why lost youth? Well, nowadays I fell like I lost my youth between invisible fears, invisible dreams, and most importantly, invisible me. The time is over for my lost youth and I´m planing on working in myself.

This is not very poetic huh? Well I won´t pretend to be the best writer, bur I will be just me…(Even though creative writing is my major so…) Please enjoy


All alone in the moonlight

I can smile at the old days

I was beautiful then.

I remember the time I new what happiness was

Let the memory live again.

T.S Elliot, Cats.